Products for Sale - All meat is sold frozen

Prices and variety of cuts subject to change and availability

Note: We accept payment by Cash Or Cheque or Visa/ Mastercard Only!
Pricing in Canadian Dollars-Current as of April 27 2016


Prime Rib $14.00 lb  
Beef Back Ribs $6.50 lb  
Top Sirloin $13.00 lb  
Sirloin tip $12.00 lb  
Rib Eye $19.50 lb  
Striploin $19.50 lb  
Tenderloin $23.00 lb  
Flank Steak $8.00 lb  
Stew Beef $8.00 lb  


Prime Rib $14.00 lb  
Clod $12.00 lb  
Eye of the Round $10.00 lb  
Sirloin tip $12.00 lb  
Tenderloin $23.00 lb  
Top Sirloin $13.00 lb  
Brisket $10.00 lb  

Ground Meat & Sausages

Patties $15.00
Pkg. of 6
Box of 36 Patties Special Price
Packages (Ground Beef) $8.00 lb.  
and s
Plus Cut and Wrap
$5.25 lb  
*Mild Italian
*Hot Italian
*Honey Garlic
*Sundried Tomato
$9.00 lb  
Dog Food $5.00 pkg.  
Soup Bones $7.00 lb.  
Beef Bacon $9.00 lb.  
Stew Beef $8.00 lb.  

Liver, heart, tongue, soup bones and kidney on availability

Yorkshire Valley Chicken Products

  Chicken Breasts and Tenders $24.00 kg  
Skin on chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings $12.00kg  
Chicken pies 700g - $13.75
225g - $5.50
Chicken Nuggets $9.75 box  

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